Science says drinking Champagne is good for you. Cheers!

For years, red wine has been sitting pretty as the Doctor-recommended booze of choice, but not anymore! Step off that high horse, Merlot! Get in the backseat, Cabernet! There’s a new sheriff in town, and thy name is simply, “Bubbly.”

In a recent study, scientists at Reading University in Berkshire, United Kingdom claim that pinot noir and pinot meunier, both used to create Champagne, contain compounds that help ward off the possibility of contracting dementia later in life.

This is great news for people who like great news! (And for people who like champagne, obvs.) We haven’t been this excited since dark chocolate was declared “good for your heart” and getting down with your significant other was declared “good for your immune system.”

However, don’t go ambling to your local big box liquor store just yet — scientists stand by this claim if and only if the user drinks in, “a moderate consumption,” according to Jeremy Spencer, a biochemistry professor at Reading University.

So the next time your judgmental friend gives you side-eye for ordering a second round of the good stuff, just wink and say you’re keeping your mental capacities in order. Maybe she’ll give you a weird look, but hey, you’re already drinking so it really doesn’t matter. Cheers — to science!

(images via Warner Bros.)