These students take chalkboard art to a whole ‘nother level

Students are always looking for distractions from school (sorry teachers), and one of the most low-tech and best distractions: Drawing on the board. Chalkboard, blackboard, whiteboard, whatever — if you’re stuck in a classroom and have any sort of artistic inclination, you’ll find yourself doodling away. Nowadays, more and more students are posting their creations on social media to showcase what once was limited to not just the classroom, but whenever the janitor wiped the board.

Well, Japanese blackboard company Nichigaku took notice of the amazing art students were producing, and in a totally savvy and appropriate move, they hosted a contest for students to bring out their best chalk art skills. The prize: 100,000 yen, or around $800 — aka basically a million dollars to a student.

The results are, to put it lightly, awesome.

There’s this beautiful rendering of Mt. Fuji, with chalk dust snow:

Another monochrome scene; the shading alone makes this standout:

Students weren’t just limited to white chalk, as you can see from the colorful winners of the contest.

Second place goes to this imaginative rendering of what’s going on “behind” the teacher at the board:

And first place is this joyous celebration of extracurricular activities. Seriously, this looks like an Olympics mural:

Congrats to the all of the winners; can Nichigaku sponsor an office chalkboard art contest next?

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