Uhm, this woman contoured her face with a chalk holder

Oh, beauty. The wonderful, wild, and sometimes straight-up weird world of beauty. Makeup literally makes our life more colorful and gives us the opportunity to play with our sense of style in a new way, and now we have endless beauty hacks to help us get there. Some are more strange than others, but the end results are usually more promising than anticipated. For example, a woman who used a chalk holder to highlight and contour her face...and actually ended up looking flawless. This is the future.

In the video we see Mai Yang putting her makeup on like the rest of us; one brush at a time! It’s after she puts some serum on her skin that we see her bring out a chalk holder, and that’s when things get interesting.

Mai replaces the three chalk pieces with highlight, foundation, and contour cream.

She moves the chalk holder up her cheeks, her forehead, and her nose to contour and highlight in one easy step. She then blends it all to perfection, like it’s no big deal she just used a chalk holder to do her makeup.

Is this the ultimate beauty hack? If you use a stick foundation, highlighter, and contour then it may just be! After all, who needs more hands when you can just use this handy cheat. And since Mai’s makeup looked so flawless when she was done, at least we know it works. Talk about bang for your buck!

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