Chad Michael Murray is returning to TV in CMT’s “Sun Records,” and we finally have a sneak peek

This is great news for TV fans everywhere — Chad Michael Murray is returning to TV with CMT’s Sun Records. Not only is Murray set to return to television as a series regular, he’s going to be the lead!

Most people know and love the 35-year-old actor from his days on One Tree Hill as the dreamy basketball player and writer, Lucas Scott. While he has been on a few TV series since then including, Chosen and most recently Agent Carter, he’s now back to his leading role status.

Sure, we loved Murray as a cowboy in Outlaws and Angels and he looks great on the big screen, but TV is where he belongs…so we can see him every week of course.

So what’s the new role Murray is set to play you ask? Well, the New York native will play real-life music producer Sam Phillips on CMT’s upcoming show, Sun Records.

Phillips was the actual producer responsible for helping make Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash the iconic singers they became.

According to TV Line, the series is set during the early days of the Civil Rights Movement and will tell the “untold story of nothing less than the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.”

In the new trailer from CMT we finally get a sneak peek into Murray’s new role and the music that will set the tone on the show.

The teaser starts with Murray’s character Phillips driving up in a fancy car, to a new town. All he wants to do there is to make music. We are then introduced to Johnny Cash (played by Kevin Fontenyne), Elvis Presley (played by Drake Milligan) and the wonderful world of the Blues.

“Good music is going to find good people,” Phillips says as the clip shows the inner workings of the music industry.

Plus, there is a lot of romance, drama and singing, of course.

Sun Records premieres on CMT on February 23rd, so mark your calendar!