Thoughts you have when packing for a music festival

The arrival of summer signifies one of our favorite times of year: music festival season! We love going to concerts, camping overnight with friends, and bonding with fellow festival-goers over our favorite music. But without fail, every time we pack for a music festival, we have a LOT of thoughts.

We wonder things like, what should I wear? How many flower crowns is too many? Will anybody take my picture for their blog? Does this furry jacket make me look chic? There’s one thing for know for sure: we can’t forget to pack our Chacos, because they’re the perfect concert sandals.

Chacos are super stylish and versatile, and go with everything in our closets. Their classic designs are great for a bright and colorful concert look, and their leather sandals are perfect for a more polished bohemian look. Every pair of Chacos is comfy enough that we can dance the afternoon and night away without worrying about our feet getting tired.

Behold: All the thoughts you have when packing for a music festival. Don’t forget your Chacos!

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