Will Cersei become the Mad Queen? This very convincing “Game of Thrones” theory thinks so

**Major spoilers ahead, beware.**

So, okay, if you’re caught up with Game of Thrones you know that the last time we saw Cersei, she wasn’t doing too well. In fact, she basically had her ass served to her by Olenna Tyrell.



And, it looks like Olenna may not have been far off.

There’s a pretty convincing theory by redditor redough, that’s been floating around for a while that believes Cersei will become the “Mad Queen,” à la the “Mad King” (Aerys II Targaryen). You know, Mr. “Burn them all!” scary mc-scary face:


And why would this theory make total sense?

Well, remember back at the beginning of Season 5, Episode 1, “The Wars To Come” when we saw (in a flashback) young Cersei visit a prophesying witch? No? Vaguely? Okay, here’s a quick refresher of what the witch said to Cersei.

First, Cersei mentioned that she’s promised to the Prince, aka Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys’ older brother, and PROBABLY Jon Snow’s dad). Cersei asks the witch when will she marry the prince?



Next, young Cersei asks, “But I will be queen?”



(This scene literally follows the flashback of Cersei and the witch scene.)

Cersei’s next question is, “Will the king and I have children?”



And then the witch added, “Gold will be their crowns.” (No surprise there.) But then she totally predicts their deaths too…





Now. Let’s take ALL of this into consideration and back it up to that Reddit theory.

The theory points out that if Cersei loses “Cleganebowl” (or what we think will be “Cleganebowl” anyway – you know, The Mountain fighting The Hound), Cersei will LOSE IT. And we totally agree, plus if Tommen dies (which seems fairly likely to happen given the witch’s prophecy track record), then yeaaaaahhhh

The theory continues that she will make it her mission to destroy King’s Landing with wildfire… just like the Mad King. Thus, making her the “Mad Queen.”


This would make sense since it was Cersei who had instructed the pyromancers to make all that wildfire back in Season 2 (which Tyrion then used in the Battle of Blackwater.) So, it’s definitely in her wheelhouse.

Also, let’s not forget about that eery burned out, ash-filled Throne room Dany saw at the House of the Undying in Season 2’s finale “Valar Morghulis.”



It’s worth noting there was also one more prediction the witch made that was not seen on the show, but exists in the books. She said,“And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar (High Valyrian for “little brother”) shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

But who is the “little brother”? Some people think it refers to Jaime, others Tyrion, but really it could be ANYONE, couldn’t it? I mean it doesn’t actually say “your little brother,” but just “THE little brother.” Maybe it could be referring to a young Stark brother? Bran? Rickon? Who knows.

Whether it ends up being Jaime, Tyron, or someone else who kills Cersei we’re pretty sure she’s gonna go down swinging…with lots and lots of wildfire. That is, of course, if anyone kills her at all, but…come on.

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