Cersei Lannister reading quotes from “The Bachelor” is perfect

Cersei Lannister can make anything sound dark and sinister, even if the words themselves are kind of ridiculous. Lena Headey, the talented actress behind the terrifying Game of Thrones character, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. The host couldn’t resist asking to hear a little bit of that chilling voice we love to hate, but luckily, he did it in the most hilarious way.

With the 20th season of The Bachelor in full swing, there’s already a whole slew of iconic lines. The only way to make them better is to put them in the mouth of a cruel and unforgiving queen. In her iconic voice, Lena, or rather, Cersei, quotes the show and takes what once was ridiculous and petty and makes it completely unforgettable.

Lines like, “I don’t think there’s one girl here who’s competition. I think I’m way prettier than anyone else,” are completely transformed. Despite the serious music and somber tone, the words become even funnier, proving that Cersei really is an all-powerful queen.

Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)