Cersei and Joffrey Lannister just had an adorable reunion on Twitter

If you are one of those humans who has — now, right this very minute —decided to begin watching Game of Thrones, PLEASE DO NOT READ FURTHER. THERE ARE SPOILERS AFOOT. This warning also applies to anyone who has not seen the 4th Season and at some point in their lives intends to and wants to remain a little bit surprised.

…Are we good? Okay. Great. So we all know how Joffrey Baratheon sucked and one of his many, many awful qualities was the generally spooky relationship he had with his mother, Cersei Lannister, the Head Pageant Mom of King’s Landing and also a deceptive, strong, resilient, complicated queen. No, Cersei is not good but also I have a deep appreciation for female characters who are not a one-note Good or Evil caricature of humans.

We also know that while Cersei is very much still a part of the Game of Thrones, um, game, Joffrey, thankfully, is not. I cannot be the only one who gets a weird kick out of seeing actors who are at odds on shows and in movies being actual friends in real life, and that is exactly what happened this weekend with Jack Gleeson and Lena Heady, aka Joffrey and Cersei.

It began when Naoko Mori, from such really casual hits as Dr. Who and The Spice Girls Movie, posted this very cute selfie with sweet ‘n sassy Jack.

To which Lena responded:

Oh, my heart. My sappy, sappy heart. Lena’s affection for Jack is just Too Much for me, especially when I think about how Jack Gleeson retired from acting after his Game of Thrones run and how he and Lena probably don’t get to hang out very much anymore and like wow social media does have positive elements it brings us together amen, you know?