Center Stage is becoming a TV show in honor of the cult-fave movie’s 20th anniversary

Break out your tutus, your filthy old ballet slippers, and maybe that puka shell necklace you wore every day in 2001 because your favorite dance-centric, early-aughts movie is coming back as a TV show. On May 12th, the 20th anniversary of Center Stage, Deadline broke the news that the movie will be coming to the small screen at some pointe (see what we did there?)—hopefully, in the near future. A premiere date hasn’t been released yet, as the show is just entering production now.

The Center Stage movie follows a group of ambitious students at the highly competitive (and fictitious) American Ballet Academy in New York City. Other than the inspiring dance sequences and killer costumes (remember Jody’s red leotard?), the movie shines in its depiction of the mental, emotional, and physical tolls the elite dance world takes on young, aspiring professionals.

The Center Stage TV reboot will be a continuation of the original film, set in the present day.

Deadline reports that the series centers on “a new, inclusive class of dancers as they work to stay at the academy and clash against the traditional students and style the ABA is known for.” And with bad-boy Cooper Nielson now at the school’s helm, we’re confident that we’ll be seeing a lot of old-world vs. new-world tension. Hopefully, we’ll also be seeing more ballet performances that feature motorcycles literally being driven onstage.

Sweet/Vicious producer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and Laurence Mark, who produced Center Stage and its two TV-movie sequels, will be executive producing the Sony Pictures Television project. Robinson is also slated to write and direct the pilot episode. The series hasn’t been cast yet, so we can’t say whether any of its original players—including Zoe Saldana, Amanda Schull, Peter Gallagher, and Ethan Stiefel—will be returning.

sWhile we also can’t tell you when the series will roll out, we can direct you toward a wealth of Center Stage-centric material to tide you over. In honor of the film’s milestone anniversary, Vulture published an oral history of the film; and in an Entertainment Weekly feature, Schull revealed some juicy “secrets from the set.”

Center Stage is also streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so there is very little reason for you not to watch the movie at least 13 times over the next few months. Just be sure to stretch before attempting any grand jetes at home.

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