‘Center Stage 3’ is totally for serious

Is there a big Center Stagesized hole in your heart? Not for long, my friends. The be-all and end-all of dance movies is sashaying back into our lives, so lace up your point shoes and let’s head back to (ugh, still fictional) American Ballet Academy. Right after Hogwarts, pretty sure the ABA is our favorite dream school.

According to Deadline, Center Stage is coming back for the third time. Yes, there will be a part three! It’s OK if you’ve been blissfully unaware that there even was a sequel to Center Stage back in 2008, Center Stage: Turn It Up. It continued on the story of brand new dancers with the ABA, but without the original cast, and sadly it is not available anywhere on streaming right now (but I’ll totally rent it if everyone wants to come over to my place for a movie night).

This third installment is called Center Stage: Dance Camp, and WILL bring back a whole handful of OG Center Stage cast members — like Peter Gallagher‘s choreographer Jonathan, along with dreamy dancer Ethan Stiefel playing Cooper, and even dreamier Sascha Radetsky playing Charlie (the latter is, IN CASE YOU’VE FORGOTTEN, the one Amanda Schull’s Jody chooses in the end).

This movie once again follows the same sort of plot: brand new dancers enter the academy. But this time, “Jonathan is tasked with infusing more contemporary styles and modernism into the American Ballet Academy and enlists his his top choreographers Charlie, Cooper and Tommy (Kenny Wormald reprising his role from Turn it Up) to recruit dancers to compete at a camp where the winners will be selected to join the Academy.” One of these brand new dancers vying for a spot happens to be former Dance Mom’s alumn, Chloe Lukasiak!

But FYI, Center Stage: Dance Camp won’t be in theaters. That’s because we’ll get to see it ON TV. The movie will air on Lifetime, and Center Stage + Lifetime Original Movie is the best combination ever. The movie is currently filming in Vancouver right now, and there’s no official release date for it yet. So in the meantime I’ll be over here listening to Mandy Moore’s “I Wannt Be With You” on loop.

(Image via Columbia Pictures)