These creatively-censored Disney Vines are the stuff of ruined childhoods

When you’re a kid, you love Disney movies for their heart-warming storytelling, catchy songs, and delightful, relatable characters. As you grow up, you start to see even more layers in those stories and about those characters you could have never seen as a child. There are innuendoes more adult-themed moments that you glossed right past when growing up. And, to be honest, the realization of those moments often only makes you love the stories more.

Well, the Vine account “Disney Ruined” is taking that idea to the next level. Using actual, completely innocent dialogue, it’s creatively cutting and censoring moments within your favorite Disney childhood movies and letting your imagination give them a totally different (and totally inappropriate) meaning.

Case in point: The classic moment when Aladdin asks Jasmine “Do you trust me?” before embarking on a loving, magical carpet ride for the ages. Here’s what Disney Ruined did with that line:

We all know what he says. And we all know that Jasmine’s shock is because she’s starting to piece together his hidden identity. But the cleverness of this simple censorship is that, even though we know what is going down, our brain begins to think something else is going down. Something significantly more R-rated.

And while there are a ton of (hilarious) Vines from Aladdin, no Disney movie seems safe. This sweet family moment in Finding Nemo when Nemo is flipped into something saucy with one strategically placed censor.

They even somehow sully Wreck-it, Ralph‘s classic tagline “I’m gonna wreck it!” with a couple carefully placed beeps and a blur.

The crazy part is we know what he says, yet our now adult imaginations get a kick out of filling in the blanks with the more creative, more naughty version that he could also theoretically be saying.

There are a ton of Vines like this and many more on this account. Be sure to check them out for yourself. But just be warned that it forever change how you view these innocent and sweet Disney storylines. Though the kick you’ll get out of their creativity is totally worth it.