Celine Dion’s all-white cape situation proves that she fears nothing

Did the sun rise today? Oh, it did? That must mean Celine Dion, in an all-white ensemble, was out on the streets of Paris, werrrking it like the world is her catwalk (because duh, it is). This time, Queen Celine was spotted leaving her hotel in an outfit featuring a cape — yes, a cape, like the GD superhero she is — from Ralph & Russo’s fall 2016 couture collection. Needless to stay, she looked smashing, dahling.

Continuing her high-style tour of Paris Couture Week, Dion looked regal in white flare-leg pants; a tucked, button-down blouse; and a sidewalk-grazing cape with circular, laser-cut details all over. And did we mention her oversized white hat? Because yeah. That happened, too.

Here’s Celine Dion in her all-white glory. Feel free to bow down.


Breathtaking, Lady Gaga-esque, and just a little bit terrifying, considering the risk of errant spills and sidewalk dirt that could detract from the perfection of this outfit. But this is Celine Dion after all, the woman can handle anything.

And oh yeah, did you find yourself wondering about her unique sunnies? Take a closer look:

They include just half a frame around the bottom, and add an edgy, modern detail to her sophisticated look.

Dion — with guidance from her stylist, Law Roach — has proven herself to be quite the fan of the all-white ensemble.

She donned this sleek look in London:

This architectural ensemble in Copenhagen:

And this supremely sexy gown at the Billboard Music Awards in May:

Ugh. Flawless! This woman can truly do no wrong.

As Roach explained to Vanity Fair, “Céline has no fear. And when you have that type of energy, you have this attitude that we can do whatever we want and we don’t care who likes it or dislikes it.”

This outfit certainly proves that. Thanks for being you, Ms. Dion.