Céline Dion wearing a Titanic sweatshirt is peak fashion goals

If I were a multi-millionaire diva who’d written the theme song to Titanic, the second-biggest box office film hit of all time, I’d remind people of that fact literally all the time. (“Oh, it’s funny that you said the word ‘heart,’ did you know that my heart… can go on?”) Céline Dion, the French-Canadian icon, is a little more demure—or as demure as someone who regularly wears sparkling gowns and impeccable suits can be—but she embraced her own pop culture appeal this week by stepping out in a Titanic-themed hoodie. It is… everything.

First off, here’s what the piece, by the fashion label Vetements, looks like on its own:

Now, here’s what it looks like on Dion: false

Firstly, we kinda love that she chose to debut the look super casually, as though folks wouldn’t flip out over her wearing featuring young!Leo and Winslet at the peak of their adorability. “Who, me? I just step out in this sort of thing normally!” Secondly, for those of us who don’t follow fashion regularly, the brand behind the sweatshirt is the kind of ultra-hip label that’s been embraced by Rihanna and Selena Gomez, not Dion’s normally style compatriots. Get that zeitgeist-y style, lady.

Thirdly, this Titanic sweatshirt is actually part of a string of amazing outfits that she’s debuted in Paris for fashion week. Dion recently got a new stylist, Law Roach, and the immediate effects of the partnership are amazing:




After decades of serving up the hits, Dion knows how to strike a pose. We’re totally into her new style direction; alas, the Titanic sweatshirt was perhaps destined to only be worn by someone of her stature: false