We’re not sure how Céline Dion tied a bow on her baby blue dress at the “BATB” premiere, but she did

Céline Dion is a talented woman. That’s actually a huge understatement. We meant to say, Céline Dion is in the top most talented women of all time. She’s best known for her singing career, but did you know that she’s also an expert bow tie-er? Yeah, didn’t think so! We honestly don’t know how Dion tied the bow on her baby blue gown last night at the Beauty and the Beast Los Angeles premiere. But we guess that’s all part of her mystique!

Okay, fine. Céline Dion isn’t actually an expert on bow tying. She got help from celebrity designer Christian Siriano to make this big, bad bow beautiful (say that five times fast!).


This gown is from Siriano’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection. The powder blue color is absolutely stunning and the bow makes it loud enough for a diva like Dion to shine in.

We’re not convinced that Siriano didn’t make this dress specifically for Dion. She just looks so perfect in it!

Dion recorded the original Beauty and the Beast theme back in 1992 with Peabo Bryson, and she’s back to leave her mark on the live-action remake. In the 2017 version, Dion sings “How Does A Moment Last Forever,” which will play over the final credits.

There has never been a better reason to sit through the credits. Ever!

Whether she’s making us ugly cry with her emotion-packed lyrics or making us fashion happy, Céline Dion remains at the top of our “favorite people ever” list. Work that bow, Céline! Work. That. Bow!

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