Celine Dion in head-to-toe sequins is what the world needs right now

The world is a crazy, scary place right now. So much is uncertain. At times, the future seems dark and ominous. It’s more impossible than ever to get through a family dinner without having a political-debate-turned-screaming-match.You know what we all need? We need to take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.

And then we need to look at this photo of Celine Dion wearing head-to-toe sequins and be reminded that there is still light and beauty and sparkle in this world and everything is going to be OK.

Because seriously, look:



Celine rocked this disco ball-inspired outfit for her performance on the Today show, which was, of course, amazing:

Since Celine started working with new stylist Law Roach, her style has undergone a transformation so stunning even her kids have taken notice.

We’ve been loving her new look, and recently realized exactly why Celine’s updated aesthetic is such a big deal. Celine has always been stylish, but in a more understated way.

Since she started working with Law, she’s been dressing like a straight-up ROCK STAR. Which is so exciting to see because as Celine fans have always known, she absolutely is one. (Don’t believe us? Watch her slay a Queen cover at the Billboard Music Awards and get back to us.)

A dorky, sweet, ballad-singing rock star who loves making goofy faces, but a rock star all the same.


Celine, keep doing you. And Law, keep the sequins coming. The world needs some extra sparkle right now.