Celine Dion’s pantless Paris look is the one outfit you must see today

Style has no age limit. We’ll just go ahead and repeat it for anyone in the back: Style has no age limit. Whether you’re 70 or seven, you should absolutely dress in any and every way you sit fit. And if you need some inspiration from a queen who does not care about any “rules,” then we suggest you turn to Celine Dion’s pantless Paris look. Seriously — her aesthetic choices are inspiring our wardrobe.

And this latest look? It’s an all-Balmain, totally edgy, style masterpiece.


So not only can Celine rock a tiger tee like it’s no one’s business — but she does so without pants. Yes, without pants. Those skin-tight brown leggings she’s wearing? They’re actually her thigh-high Balmain boots, because this is Celine Dion and she does what she wants. So not only does she have the coolest shirt around, she also wears it in the best way possible. Not to mention that Celine pairs the look with a floor-grazing brown leather trench coat, and tops it off with a leather newsboy cap.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, it’s always Celine Dion season.


Let’s just say Celine is living her best life. Who wouldn’t be if they were wearing Balmain from head to toe?

Celine is a rockstar and she doesn’t care who knows. Just look at that ear full of earrings! We love how edgy this look is, and we love it even more since the singer pulls it off like nobody’s business.