Celine Dion has never kissed another man besides late husband René Angélil, and we think that’s incredibly romantic

First, the good news — incredible singer Celine Dion just completed her 1,000th performance this past Saturday. Now, the sad news — she still deeply mourns the loss of her husband, René Angélil, who passed away this January due to throat cancer. But let’s end with some sweet news — it turns out, René Angélil was the only man that Celine Dion has ever kissed. How’s that for romantic?

Dion sat down with Mo Rocca to discuss her late husband, and her words about him are truly powerful.


"Before he left, it was very, very difficult for all of us, Dion said. “For me especially, and my children, to see the man of my life die a little bit more every day. And when he left, it was kind of a relief for me that the man that I love, the only man that I kissed, the only man that I loved..." Dion said.

Of course, clarification was necessary.

"Yeah. I never kissed another man in my life, she continued. "So the man of my life was my partner, and we were one. So when he stopped suffering I said to myself, he’s okay. And he deserves not to suffer."

Dion and her husband met when she was incredibly young — twelve, to be exact. But, no funny business occurred until she became a consenting adult. The truth is, the two spent a lot of time together based on Dion’s career, and love eventually blossomed.


"I started to know René when I was 12 years old, Dion said earlier this year to People. "Not in a relation to that level, but with as much respect and love."

The two started dating when Dion turned 19, and eventually married three years later, in 1994. As a couple, they spent 20 years together. Of course, Dion was always aware of the age gap — but, she didn’t let that get to her, or ruin the connection she found with Angélil.

It’s refreshing to know that Dion experienced true love, and is also giving herself ample time to grieve — she’s not trying to fill the void that Angélil left with other male suitors. (And we’re sure there are a few of them — Dion is an incredible lady.)


While it makes sense that Dion was too busy with her career to think about love at a young age — until love found her, eventually — it’s also nice to know that she stayed true to him during all of those years.

So, a thousand live shows, a slew of Grammys, and a love like no other? Sounds like Celine Dion has a lot to be proud of.

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