Celine Dion is joining “The Voice,” and we seriously cannot wait

Given her legendary status and the fact that everything she touches turns to gold, we could not be more excited that one of our absolute favorite singers is joining one the top TV shows to offer pearly nuggets of wisdom to new singing talent.

That’s right, Celine Dion is joining The Voice as Gwen Stefani’s advisor! As in, the mentor for Team Gwen.

So these two singers have been friends for a long time, and Stefani was singing Dion’s praises during her Today show appearance. “I am blown away by [Dion’s] unbelievable story. Having this unbelievable gift to be able to speak through music to the whole world.” Dion was there as well, sending the compliments right back. “I know Gwen very well. I know her career. I know how beautiful she is all the time.” Awwww.


The host was right. That was more of a concert than an interview! They definitely seem like a stellar team.

It’s cool to note that the show is gearing up for Season 12 and still going super strong, because occasionally when shows have been on that long they lose their spark…but The Voice just keeps soaring to new heights.  And a lot of it has to do with the incredible judges.

via giphyIsn’t it fitting to receive good news on a Friday? Let’s smash this weekend, knowing that talented and generous women are all around us, just waiting to share their experiences and sculpt careers with those who are next in line.

H/T: Us Weekly

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