This video of Celine Dion dancing full-out at a Lady Gaga concert makes 2018 feel slightly less horrible

Ever feel like letting loose when your favorite Lady Gaga song finally hits? You’re not the only one. It turns out that Celine Dion feels the same way, and now she’s been caught on film.

As HuffPost pointed out, Dion went to see Gaga’s Las Vegas residency on December 30th and she was spotted dancing the night away in the audience. Fortunately, the fan who spotted her was kind enough to not only record Dion but also to share the video on Twitter so the rest of us can bask in the legendary singer’s joy.

In the video, Dion is truly giving her all to the music as she dances and sings along with “The Edge Of Glory.” Her dancing would be epic on its own, but it’s made even better by the fact that everyone in the audience around her seems to be taking in the show very calmly…AKA the opposite of what Dion is doing.

It would be impossible to describe this video in words and do it justice, so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Behold:

The party didn’t stop there, though. Dion continued to dance her way through “Bad Romance”: false

And, of course, “Telephone”:

When the concert was over, Dion even took to Instagram to share a boomerang of herself dancing—and a photo of herself laid out on a stretcher, because the concert took that much out of her. TBH, after watching those videos, it’s pretty clear she deserved a little rest after all this.

It just goes to show that no matter how many number-one singles you release, you are not immune to fangirling over other artists—and is there anything better than seeing one incredible female artist supporting another?

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