PSA: Celine Dion is launching a clothing line (we will buy everything)

Let’s put this under the umbrella category of things-we-had-no-idea-we-desperately-needed, until they became a serious reality. Guys, Celine Dion — emotional beacon of hope and pillar of literal strength — is launching a clothing line. In fact, it’s going to be a full throttle lifestyle brand with not only clothing but also home goods and beauty products. According to Billboard, said lifestyle brand will be modeled on the singer’s values: “family, music, entertainment and style.” Celine, we already love it.

“What’s the brand going to be called?” The people want to know! Truth be told, they’re still figuring that part out. Right now it’s just being referred to as “Celine Dion.” Easy to remember. Has a nice ring to it.

As for when we can start purchasing all of our new Celine goodies, there is still some waiting to be done. The products are expected to start rolling out in Fall 2017. But that’s fine, we’ll be here.

We also have a lot of ideas to share for “My Heart Will Go On” inspired gear, if Celine and the team need any fangirl inspo. Just a thought.