Wanna wear the entire actual night sky on your wrist? Because now you can

For today’s thing we don’t really need, but should probably 100% buy immediately, let me present this: a light up bangle bracelet.

But no, this isn’t just any light up bangle bracelet, but a celestial light up bangle bracelet that twinkles like the night sky because it IS the night sky. For real. The Hubble Space telescope went out there into the galaxy to capture this image, just for you, knowing that one day you might want to wear it on your wrist.


ThinkGeek, a curator of all things amazing and geeky, has just revealed one of their newest jewelry pieces, and it is fantastic. As they write in the product’s description, “When people compliment you on your bracelet, you can say it’s 20,000 years old. And it really was handed down to you by your ancestors, considering we are all at our core nothing less than star stuff.

The image printed it is yes, from outer space. To be specific, “a cluster in the constellation Carina,” which yes, is thought to be over 20,000 years old. And soon, you can flash it as your very own bling on a big night out.

The bracelet features 15 different LED lights that sparkle, and this is perfect for literally every single day of your life, and can be simply charged with a USB cable. It costs $59.99, but seriously, for a little piece of stardust, price is no object. Take all our money