Fictional (and Very Real) Humans We Wish Were on Tinder

Tinder: the dating app where with just one swipe you can be connected with your soul mate or with a wait. . .isn’t that guy famous? Recently, a Reddit user created a fake profile for Edward Snowden AKA the guy who leaked government secrets and found temporary asylum in Russia. No, the real Snowden is not actually on Tinder, but here’s what it’d look like if he did join the app. (Believe it or not, fake Ed got a lot of responses!)

This got us thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could Tinder-date or Tinder-stalk some of our favorite fictional and non-fictional humans? And what would their profiles look like? Here are some celebs we wish we could give an ol’ swipe right to.

1. Zack Morris

How could you say no to that face? I’d go on a date with Zack, as long as it was at The Max and I could borrow his sweet phone to tell my parent I’d be late for curfew.


2. Cher Horowitz

If that whole thing with her ex-step brother doesn’t pan out, Cher would feel right at home on Tinder. The swiping motion would remind her of her drool-worthy digital closet. And with her settings, she can make sure that she doesn’t fall for another guy who’s a “better dresser,” than her (unless she somehow stumbles onto Grindr). But since she’s “highly selective,” I’d image she’d be doing a lot of swiping to the left.

3. Mario Gotze 

He scored that goal that made Germany win the World Cup! And then there was unfortunate speedo shot of him on a boat with his girlfriend (we get it, you have a girlfriend). Whatever, I’d still like him on Tinder.. cause I’m.. um… like… really into sports?

4. Carrie Bradshaw 

While Carrie never really seemed to get along with the Internet, she might fall for Tinder. Especially if things with Mr. Big didn’t work out. I could see Carrie going for the convenience of the app. Like how she wouldn’t have to risk ruining a pair of Manolos on Manhattan’s snow-covered sidewalks for a bad blind date. With Tinder she could figure out if she liked him from comfort of her own apartment before taking that leap.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio 

This would make all of my dreams come true. Also, please note that picture (a still from The Wolf of Wall Street) is the same image Leo has for his verified Twitter account. Is that the Titanic soundtrack playing in the background? Cause I feel myself lovin’ Leo all over again.

6. Chuck Bass

I feel like most guys on Tinder think they’re Chuck Bass, so this isn’t that far-fetched.

I’m sure if Chuck liked you back, and you got to the messaging level, your conversation would look something like this:


What other celebrities do you wish were on Tinder?

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