11 celebs whose commitment to patriotic fashion should be recognized this July 4th

Happy 4th of July! This is the epitome of a summer holiday: fireworks, barbecues, beaches, sun, and sand. And of course, celebrating America’s birthday! Celebrities love to show off their 4th of July celebrations. Many are spending the day outside or with their families, bedecked in their best red, white and blue finery.

TV host Kelly Ripa shared a throwback picture of herself and her sister as kids, while actress Tori Spelling shared a picture of her famous “90210” character Donna Martin in red, white, and blue. Miley Cyrus remembered her patriotic trip to our nation’s capital while actress Eva Longoria shared videos of themselves waving the American flag. Famous people love that good Instagram content and holidays are the perfect time to up your festive social presence.

Shoutout to these 11 celebs who are not slacking on that patriotic fashion.

1Tori Spelling

2Kelly Ripa

3Dolly Parton

4Aaron Rogers

5Shay Mitchell

6Paris Hilton


7Eva Longoria

8Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

9Miley Cyrus


10Christie Brinkley

11Sarah Hyland


Clearly, celebs love to dress up for holidays and get that good internet “content.” How are you celebrating the fourth? A red, white, and blue bathing suit? Hot dogs on the grill? Or screw it all and just Netflix and chill?

Happy fourth of July!