Celebs to get their own fancy pants terminal at LAX

We all know air travel can be a big pain. Trudging through airport security, waiting for hours on uncomfortable chairs at the terminal and just the general stress that comes with the crowds at a major airport are enough to make anyone dread the process of getting from A to B. I hate it, you hate it, even celebrities and world leaders hate it. But maybe not for long (for those last two, anyway). LAX, the main airport for Los Angeles’ rich and famous, approved a motion this past Thursday a plan to give celebrities, diplomats, and the uber-wealthy their own private terminal. And boy oh boy, do we wish we could use this super swanky new terminal with them!

To use the new terminal will cost travelers $1,500-$1,800 per trip, and perks include exclusive lounges, dedicated catering and separate security checkpoints. When it’s time to board, guests will be driven directly to their plane. Nice.

“I am very excited about this service for celebrity and VIP guests at LAX,” said Deborah Flint, executive director of Los Angeles World Airports.”We are very focused on making LAX a world-class airport and offering a wide variety of amenities.”

Flint claims that this upgrade is not just beneficial for celebrities — it’s to help us regular folk, too. She claims allowing celebrities a private route through the airport will also make traveling more pleasant for the general public, who have often been caught up in media maelstroms. No longer will Angeleno’s walks through security be interrupted by shouting paparazzi on the days Brad and Angelina also choose to fly.

The terminal will be constructed in a hangar already in need of renovation, and requires an investment of some $3 million by security firm Gavin de Becker, which will manage the project. DeBecker said that if the project proves successful his firm plans to introduce similar facilities at New York’s JFK and possibly San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Dallas. The rest of us, however, will have to just keep hoping free first class upgrades on full flights!

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