Chrissy Teigen, America Ferrera, and so many others are speaking at today’s Families Belong Together marches

Today, June 30th, thousands of Americans are coming together to protest the administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy with “Families Belong Together” rallies all across the country. From New York City to Chicago to Los Angeles — and countless towns and cities in between — citizens are protesting the cruel and inhumane detention of children and the separation of families at our borders.

Perhaps the most visible rally is taking place in Washington D.C., where tens of thousands of people filled the park directly across from the White House chanting, “We care” (a direct response to Melania Trump’s wildly insensitive “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket).

Celebrities like America Ferrera and Alicia Keys spoke at the D.C. rally, even reading letters penned by parents currently separated from their children. Keys began her speech by telling the audience that she has a son named Egypt. “I couldn’t even imagine not being able to find him,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine being separated from him or scared about how he is being treated. So this is all of our fight. Because if it can happen to any child, it can happen to my child and your child and all of our children.”

Ferrera then read a letter from a grandfather separated from his granddaughter, and Lin-Manuel Miranda sang a lullaby for all the children currently separated from their families.

Chrissy Teigen spoke in Los Angeles while cradling her newborn son.

And John Legend followed her words with a gorgeous performance.

Rep. Maxine Waters gave a powerful speech directed at Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Warren spoke in Boston.

And so many others showed their support. false

We thank each and every person taking a stand for human kindness and decency today. Know that your voices are important and absolutely make a difference.

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