We cannot count the number of celebs in this selfie Tom Hiddleston shared

Tom Hiddleston flew to Vietnam last year to film Kong: Skull Island. The selfie he took on the plane, and posted Friday as a flashback, is epic in its own right.

That’s Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in the middle. Corey Hawkins behind Brie. We also spy Thomas Mann, Shea Whigham, Jason Mitchell, Marc Evan Jackson, and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Are John Goodman and John C. Reilly hiding in the back, relegated to coach?

Whatever – as long as Hiddleston is right up front, where we like to see him.

IMAX just released a Kong: Skull Island a featurette that features Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Samuel L Jackson, taking us behind the scenes of the movie.

Kong in the movie is 85 feet tall…the largest Kong yet! Though we’ve seen about a million King Kong movies already, this one sounds different.

In this latest reincarnation, we get Kong’s origin story.


“I went in and pitched a movie I would want to see and my friends would want to see, the director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, told The Guardian. “I honestly thought they were going to laugh me out of the room. Then they responded really well and we started building that story.

Another thing that sets this film apart from nearly any other, is that Hiddleston is the lead. Front and center, which is right where we’ll be in the theater, on opening night

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