Celebs in round shades are giving us our summer sunglasses goals

If you’ve been peeking around Instagram lately, you’ve likely noticed your favorite celebs all have a style item in common: rounded sunglasses. Sure, this shade shape has an origin story in teashade hippie wear, but as Racked so eloquently put it: these can be “hip not hippie.”

While small, circular frames can be somewhat hard to pull off, fashion-gurus and celebs on social media are proving that they can be chic and not-too-costumey as long as you snag the right pair.

Exhibit A: Selena Gomez.

Also, Gigi Hadid.

Our girl, Kendall Jenner.

Lily Aldridge.

The Haim sisters.


Zendaya’s dog.


The list goes on.

What all this evidence proves to us is that these circular shades are the summer sunnies to have.

We’ve poked around the internet and found a few affordable pairs that we rec. 

Like these reclaimed vintage duds from Asos ($32.35).


These floral frames from TopShop ($26).


And these metal-rimmed guys from Forever 21 ($9.90).


The other option is to raid an older relative’s closet. Odds are they were wearing specs similar to these back in their day, and we all know nothing is better than vintage.

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