Celebs are posting their awkward puberty pics for an important cause

#PuberMe, as in, “puberty and me,” was a hashtag you may have noticed cropping up a bunch since Nick Kroll chatted with Stephen Colbert this past Thursday evening. Kroll and Colbert launched a campaign to raise money for Puerto Rico hurricane relief by urging celebs to post their awkward puberty pics on social media. The #PuberMe tags will then be tallied up and money per each post will be donated to Puerto Rico in this time of desperate need.

When Nick Kroll agreed to match donations, the pics started rolling in, from a pubescent shot of an adorably freckled Conan O’Brien to a slideshow of hits from Chelsea Peretti.

There’s still a long way to go in Puerto Rico (click here to learn how to donate, volunteer or send supplies) but these donations are a start.


The hashtag brought out the best and worst of some of our celeb favorites, and coincides with the release of Kroll’s new animated (but R-rated) Netflix show Big Mouth, which takes us back to the highs and lows of hitting puberty all over again.

Scroll through this list of famous faces and consider doing whatever you can to help our friends in Puerto Rico. Every little bit helps!

Here’s Alison Brie in all her head-gear glory:

Here’s Busy Philipps:


Andy Cohen:

Lena Headey:

SNL‘s Aidy Bryant:


Mayim Bialik:


Andrew Rannells:

Angela Kinsey:


Aisha Tyler:

Sarah Silverman:

Chelsea Peretti:

Search #PuberMe on Insta for some more shares of blossoming celebs, and thanks Nick and Stephen!