Ashley Rey
Updated Apr 09, 2017 @ 12:04 pm
Zosia Mamet
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

We love keeping tabs on our favorite celebrities. Especially when they’re going through major life changes, like starting a family or getting hitched. But HBO Girls star Zosia Mamet took a more secretive approach to her wedding, and we’re kind of into it. While paying a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently, Zosia got real liberal with the deets. She shared about everything from being secretly engaged, to having an aura photographer capture the ceremony.

Like, she literally had a professional photographer present to take pictures of guests and their auras. It sounds pretty badass, right? Well, that’t not the only magical detail from Zosia’s secretive event.

In fact, the actress told Colbert just how he was connected to her nuptials.

And it involved her rocking a black wedding dress.

Apparently, right after taping her appearance on Colbert’s show last year, the Girls star went for her dress fitting — and left with the gown she’d don to the big event.

In an interview with Vogue, Zosia revealed this about her all-black Givenchy gown:

That’s seriously the moment that every bride hopes for! Maybe Stephen Colbert is a lucky charm? You can never be too sure.

Cheers to all of the brides-to-be that have the willpower to keep their wedding deets under wraps. We can’t say that we’ll be able to do the same. But avoiding being overwhelmed with unsolicited advice from pushy friends and family definitely is definitely a perk.

It sounds like Zosia’s big day was everything she could’ve hoped for. We’re so happy for her!