Zoë Kravitz wore the chicest Millennial pink bodice dress ever, and we want it now

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Good morning. Let’s talk about Zoë Kravitz.

Zoë Kravitz is arguably the most stylish celeb of the summer, possibly 2017, in my personal opinion. And yes, it certainly helps that she was raised by a man with a larger leather pants collection that I have but we’re impressed, nonetheless.

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Yesterday, Kravitz stepped out in a pink crushed velvet dress with a bodice that reminded us of a straight jacket (the chicest one ever, of course). The dress, designed by Sander Lak of my most favorite brand Sies Marjan, was so brilliant because what may otherwise have felt like too saccharine a color for someone as badass as Zoë was perfectly offset by the unique twisting of the fabric.

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Her stylist, Andrew Mukamal (whom you may remember as Kelly Cutrone’s assistant on the hit show, Kell on Earth, if you’re as old as I am) has been absolutely on fire later. I mean, Sies Marjan + The Row (Kravitz’s handbag)? Who could ask for anything more?

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