Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 08, 2017 @ 8:01 am
Zendaya attends 30th FN Achievement Awards
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Watch out, Oprah: There’s a new Goddess of Any and Everything coming for your crown, and she calls herself “Zoprah.” That would’ve made a kickass name for a zebra-like creature that bestows generous gifts upon its followers, but Zendaya uses it to describe her inner Oprah, and we like her definition of this made-up word just a little bit more.

So like any other person who breathes, walks upright and watches TV, the 20-year-old Daya by Zendaya designer counts Oprah as a role model, MTV reports. Recently, Zendaya took part in Vanity Fair‘s 128 seconds where she talked guilty pleasures, ditching exes and revealed her life goal.

“The ultimate goal in life is to be like Oprah,” she told the mag. “Sometimes I call myself Zoprah. I want to sit down and talk to her in her forest…because she has a forest where she talks to people…because she’s Oprah.”

Uh, well we have to admit that we didn’t exactly take Oprah for the type to roam through forests. But since she’s the Mother of Moguls, that probably makes her something like Mother Nature’s second cousin twice removed or something, so Zendaya’s forest reference totally makes sense.

But anyway, back to Zoprah, who we imagine spends entire days flipping her hair out of sheer self-satisfaction.

Ha! Maybe not. Zendaya seems much more down to earth than that, but at the rate she’s going, she’s most certainly destined to be on Oprah’s star level in this lifetime.

For one, Zendaya’s appeared in O Magazine (which means she’s on Oprah’s radar and that definitely counts for something), she has a way with words that can be witnessed in her vault of Twitter clapbacks, she speaks FOR the people, and has a resume at 20 years old that makes our career history want to ball up in a knot and cry.

After the launch of her clothing line, Zendaya described her love for Oprah to Footwearnews, saying:

There’s no coincidence that those same kind words can be used to describe Zendaya, and we look forward to seeing what major moves “Zoprah” makes next.