Karen Belz
September 01, 2017 9:33 am

It’s crazy how often people cheat. And even if you’re a celebrity, you’re not immune to the awful heartbreak that follows. Actress Zendaya gave advice about cheating during a recent Q&A she had with fans, and as it turns out, she was cheated on in a relationship in the past.

Fan Rosalind Parker asked for some advice on the topic. “I highly doubt this because you’re absolutely perfect but men are dogs so imma ask anyway,” she wrote. “Have you ever been cheated on? Do you have wise words to go by that helps you make decisions in your relationships?”

Zendaya answered the question in a video that’s featured on her website.

First off, yes — she’s been a victim of cheating. But even though she gets the pain, she wanted to reiterate that not all men are dogs. In fact, her advice was a little more positive.

That’s such an incredible statement— and it’s also true. As humans, we have a pretty good instinct as to whether or not we’re in a bad situation, or with a person who doesn’t give us enough respect.

 Zendaya also made sure to note that you can never really change someone, and believed that sometimes waiting to date works a little bit better — since younger people are constantly learning and growing.

We might ask Zendaya to give us advice about everything, since she’s totally on point.