Steph Barnes
September 04, 2017 8:12 am
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Over the years we’ve seen this ex-boyband member spread his wings as a solo artist, we’ve seen him fall in love, and we’ve also seen him wear his hair in every style possible — or so we thought! We’re talking about Zayn Malik and his completely shaved head. Yesterday, the former One Direction band member’s mother posted a sweet photo to Instagram while also showing off her son’s new look.

We’ll be honest, we had to do a double-take because without the hair, Zayn looks like a completely different person. The photo showed Malik posing with his mom and girlfriend Gigi Hadid. His mom appears to be showing some love to her son’s bold style choice by planting a quick kiss on his smoothly shaved head.

We’ve got the picture but just as a reminder, here’s Zayn Malik before he went bald.

And here’s Zayn Malik with the smoothest head we’ve ever seen.

The 24-year-old singer is still as handsome as ever, but we’re definitely intrigued by the sudden change. Perhaps Malik is preparing for some kind of movie role? A music video? Maybe just wanted a new look to bring in the change of season?

We’re not sure what the reason is, but fans of the star had mixed reactions after seeing the surprising new look. Some felt a sense of loss.

Some were so shocked they forgot how to punctuate.

A few just aren’t convinced…

And others felt he was perfect no matter what.

As always, we’re happy if Zayn’s happy. You do you, dude!