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Here’s the thing: we have SUCH a soft spot for celebs who use their platforms for good. From Ebonee Davis speaking out about police brutality earlier this year to Gabrielle Union talking sexual violence, nothing makes us more hopeful about the state of the world than when our faves recognize the power of their fame and turn it into something seriously important. And celebs like Zac Efron are working to raise awareness of the abuse of children through this new and amazing campaign. Long story short? We’re here for it.

Like, come on. Efron looks amazing, right?!

And, he explains, he did so for a good cause. He captioned the photo,

Like, aw. What a good guy.

We’re so here for this incredible cause. And Efron isn’t the only famous dude getting in this game.

As Efron said, he was originally tagged and encouraged to make the pledge by Chris Hemsworth.

Whose bro Liam took the pledge as well!

They all look ah-mazing (duh) but, more importantly, they’re raising awareness of YGAP, an International Development not-for- profit with an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. According to their website, they’re different from other non-profits because, they explain,

Polished Man, the specific campaign our fave dudes are participating in, is a YGAP campaign. The celebs are hopeful that by backing the campaign they will be able to draw funds to the project, and we’re seriously cheering them on.