If you’ve ever wondered whether Zac Efron’s washboard abs are actually real, it turns out, you aren’t alone. The actresses in the new Baywatch movie, Alexandra Daddario and Ilfenesh Hadera, were skeptical, too.

That is, until they got to TOUCH them.

“Yes! I actually did,” Alexandra told Entertainment Tonight. “Early on, I had to do a scene where I had to flirt with him and touch his waist.”

Um, WHAT?!

But we are. Oh, but we are.

Who knew hot people were so in awe of other hot people?

However, Ilfenesh wasn’t as bold when it came to the Zac’s six pack.

But lest we continue to objectify Zac, Ilfenesh tells us that actually, he’s just an awesome guy that happens to have the body of a Greek god.

“He’s wonderful and he’s smart and so talented,” she said to ET. “So, you know, he becomes less of a body and more of Zac Efron this great guy.”

We’re sure. But until we meet him in person, excuse us while we watch this GIF forever.