Lauren Saccone
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 11:18 am

Happy 18th birthday, Ava Phillippe! Reese Witherspoon’s daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday, and you know what that means: a ton of Instagram photos. Witherspoon honored Phillippe’s big day with a series of sweet tributes that are utterly sincere — and sincerely adorable.

It’s no secret that these two are practically identical twins. Some studio heads have a hard time telling them apart. In fact, Witherspoon admitted even her young son has trouble telling them apart. We don’t blame you, buddy.

First, the proud mama posted a throwback photo of the mother/daughter duo.

The picture clearly shows how much Ava takes after her mom (a similarity that has only grown with age), and the love Witherspoon has for her daughter. What a sweet and thoughtful message to get from a proud mother.

Witherspoon also posted a more current photo of her little mini me.

We love the simple hashtag: #18.

18 is a milestone birthday for a reason, and Phillippe was understandably excited to celebrate. The college-bound teen shared a seriously cute throwback photo of her own with the same hashtag. It features her as a toddler, decked out in what appears to be a Belle gown from Beauty and the Beast. It’s a sweet look at simpler days.

Look how much she’s grown!

But that wasn’t the only moment Phillippe shared. She also posted a picture of the beautiful handwritten letters her mother sent her (18 in all) to celebrate her becoming an adult. Wrapped in a pink ribbon, Phillippe confessed that the contents of the letters made her cry (hard).

We can’t think of a sweeter birthday gift. Happy 18th, Ava!