Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Not that she needs a handout, but a handout is exactly what she got. Karli Kloss’s $10 million Airbnb is a completely luxurious mansion and we’re in love with it. Really, we need to go to there immediately. And the craziest/most exciting part (for her, anyway) is that she stayed there for FREE.

Kloss decided to skip the hotel stay to take up residence in a swanky Beverly Hills mansion, and it’s very clear that she made herself right at home. Because hellloooo, wouldn’t you?

The super model has been in Los Angeles shooting her new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World and needed a place to crash apparently.

Kloss showed off her temporary digs in a couple of Instagram posts, and she obviously had the best, most relaxing stay.

It’s probably hard NOT to enjoy yourself at a $10 million dollar home that isn’t yours.

Yeah, that pool doesn’t look terrible at all.

Here’s the exterior of the gorgeous modern home:

Credit: Airbnb

We didn’t realize homes needed lobbies, but apparently $10 million homes do:

Credit: Airbnb

Yeah, we could def spend large amounts of time in this living room:

Credit: Airbnb

Holy kitchen:

Credit: Airbnb

And here’s the master bedroom that we’re going to pretend is ours to keep:

Credit: Airbnb

Hey Airbnb — anytime you feel like giving away a free stay at a $10 million home (or let’s be real — a $1 million home), just let us know. We got you.