Kenya Foy
August 05, 2016 8:45 am
Adam Pretty/Getty Images

After watching the 73 questions interview with Serena Williams, we were pretty sure she covered all the bases, but we thought of something else that could’ve been asked: How many flawless bikini selfies can she post in one day? We could get lost in all of the gorgeous bikini shots she shares online, but judging by this fierce photo of Williams posing in a brown Dax & Jolie bikini, it’s apparent that the 34-year-old tennis star’s selfie skills are on par with her record-setting tennis game.

She’s serving face and abs (obviously):

Williams also hopped on Snapchat to show us that in between killing tennis competitions and giving twerk lessons online, she’s definitely about that poolside life.

Yas, Serena! This fab lounging sesh has us ready to hit the beach. And we can virtually feel the waves from this Self shot washing over us:

While many feel pressured to live up to certain beauty standards in order to wear a bikini, Williams’ body positive attitude reminds us that we don’t have to strive for perfection or feel bad about not having the physique of a professional athlete when we strut our stuff on the beach.

Here’s to staying positive during bikini season!