Trilby Beresford
Updated Apr 03, 2017 @ 1:17 pm
Credit: Instagram/Yolanda Hadid

It’s hard to imagine a time when Bella and Gigi Hadid weren’t strutting their stuff on the world modeling stage, but their mom has opened up to about how she maintained a normal childhood for her daughters. Yolanda Hadid wouldn’t let Gigi or Bella model before they turned 18, and her reasoning makes solid sense.

As a former model herself, Yolanda wanted her daughters to develop a strong sense of self before being thrust into an industry all about exteriors.

Yolanda went on to say that she always emphasized the things that were more important and meaningful than external beauty, making sure that Bella and Gigi fully understood their place among other people.

It’s clear that Yolanda had a very positive effect on her daughters — and their brother Anwar who is also a model — because they’re incredibly down-to-earth despite their immense status in the modeling world. And her advice is pretty great for all industries, because treating people with respect (regardless of their professional status) is so crucial, and unfortunately, so often overlooked.

And Gigi and Bella have come a LONG way in just a couple years. Seriously, it’s easy to forget how young they are — Gigi is 21 and Bella is 20.

And their careers are climbing faster than we can keep track of!

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