Yoko Ono
Credit: JB Lacroix/Getty Images

If you woke up on November 9th with tears streaming down your face, hoping that the election was just a bad nightmare, you are not alone. Millions of people feel exactly the same way as you. In fact, Yoko Ono turned her emotions over Donald Trump’s election into sound. It’s brief and gutting. Her Twitter video is all of us.

It’s pretty much how most people felt all week. Like Yoko Ono, many celebrities and artists have been publicly grieving. Lena Dunham released a motivational letter in Lenny. And Miley Cyrus released a tearful video the night of the election. But nothing compares to Yoko’s animalistic sounds.

Just last September, Yoko called on women to be part of her art installation in NYC. Her project asked for them to send it photos of their eyes with written testaments of hurt done to them. According to a Motto article:

The sound emanating from that clip she posted on Twitter is a reflection of what many women, members of the LGBT+ community, people of color, and immigrants feel.

A guttural anguish that doesn’t seem to let up. It just keeps going. As if someone kicked you in the stomach and pulled out the rug from underneath your feet.

But the important thing is to not give up. Like Lena Dunham said in Lenny:

So get on your phones and scream. Yell. Cry. But then you need to fight.