Sarah Terry
Updated September 08, 2016 10:13 am
NBC / Getty

Yesterday, the beautiful, hilarious and social media savvy Leslie Jones turned 49-years-old, and we are so happy for her. The past year has been incredibly intense, but also incredibly awesome for her. She made a huge splash starring as one of the lady Ghostbusters in this summer’s Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. She also became a social media darling, and even got her own personal Snapchat filter, which is everyone’s dream, isn’t it?

Leslie celebrated her 49th birthday with one of the most badass cakes we’ve ever seen.

This awesome cake is totally gorgeous with its full covering of bling in both sparkly black and gold. She also got a hilarious pic and speech bubbles that totally embody our favorite Leslie, and we can only assume that they’re edible.

Leslie says, “Thank You So Much @chefjeffcatering for this pretty ass cake!!! I’m so scared to even cut it lol.” We don’t blame you Leslie. It looks almost too good to eat! Almost, but not quite, because we bet that it’s delicious.

And this cake knows how to make quite an entrance.

We can’t think of anything more appropriate to celebrate a baller like Leslie.

Leslie looks like she had a fabulous time out at dinner with her friends.

And she looked SO fabulous in her b-day outfit.

As always, Leslie’s fashion is 100% on point.

We’re so excited you had a great day. Happy Birthday, Leslie!