If you had to think of a real life Wonder Woman, who would it be? For us it would probably be Oprah. The television host, actress, and philanthropist is constantly inspiring us, whether it’s with her wisdom, wit, or humor. And now she’s outdone herself because Oprah just threw a Wonder Woman themed party at her house…for 28 10-year-olds! So now not only do we love her more, but we’re asking ourselves if she’s actually Wonder Woman.

And in case you think Oprah just went ~kinda in~ with this party, we would like for you to rethink that. Oprah had all the Wonder Woman regalia you could need to throw a banger, because she’s Oprah, remember?

The only thing better then being at this party? Watching Oprah’s Instagrams from it. She took to the platform to show off the amazing cake she ordered, complete with an edible Wonder Woman perched on top. Oprah herself was also clad in her finest armor, wearing the superheroin’s headpiece and cuffs. She showed off the popcorn buckets and cups she ordered for the party, proving once more that she’s the host with the most.

And if that’s not enough, she even had Wonder Woman flip flops! This is about to be the most lit party of the year! And to top if off, Oprah even had food for everyone, fresh hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids, and a salad for the parents.

Can Oprah just throw another party we can actually come to?

Thanks for sharing the dream, Oprah!