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ABC's "Black-ish" FYC Event - Arrivals
Credit: Getty Images/Tibrina Hobson

Yara Shahidi may only be 17, but the Black-ish actress’s maturity is far beyond her years. Hey, there’s a reason she was accepted into every college she applied to this year! And to hear her tell it, the opportunity to work alongside industry legends including Tracee Ellis Ross, her costar in the hit ABC comedy, definitely has helped her become so grounded.

“She’s really taught me how to demonstrate that I have an opinion, especially when it comes to beauty,” Shahidi, who’s teaming up with Clean & Clear for the launch of its Acne Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser, told PeopleStyle. “Growing up on the small screen, I had to confront how I felt about beauty at a younger age because I was putting on a full face of makeup to get into character. I had to learn not to feel makeup-dependent, as though I wasn’t finished without it, so it could stay a fun experience of experimenting and self-expression.”

The biggest takeaway she’s had from constantly being in a full face of makeup to play Zoey on Black-ish? Knowing when to take it off. “As I’ve entered my teenage years, skincare is so important, so I feel confident in who I am,” Shahidi said. “I can’t just wash my face and go to bed now. It’s about making sure my pores are clean, getting all of the makeup out and making sure that my skin is hydrated.”

Her essentials: makeup wipes, a hydrating cleanser and face oil. Simple enough, right?

“I adore the Clean & Clear makeup wipes because amidst all the traveling I do, I don’t always have time to [fully] wash my face. I’ve also been playing around with the brand’s bubble cleanser because it’s gentle on my skin and gets everything out of my pores,” the actress told us. “After, I love putting on rosehip oil [as face moisturizer], which is so great for hydration.”

Shahidi says that despite trying her best to take good care of her skin, every so often pimples still pop up (she is still a teenager after all!), but she’s tries to make skincare maintenance fun — with an assist from her real-life mom too.

“We’re doing a water challenge to see how much water we can drink in a day, because pimples signify more than surface level issues, but something internal,” she said. “I thought I was doing well because I was going for 50 ounces a day, but my mom was like, ‘Oh, well, I am doing 60 ounces a day!’ But it’s been fun supporting each other and reminding each other through it.”

This article originally appeared in People.