Kenya Foy
Updated Jul 25, 2016 @ 8:42 am
Giffoni Film Festival 2016 - Day 9
Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

We can always count on Jennifer Aniston to hit us with the sobering truth, even if it defiantly bursts the bubble of misconception that portrays celebrities as invincible, flawless and emotionless creatures. Recently, the actress called out the media for body-shaming women and now she’s back with more words of wisdom, this time for anyone who is being bullied or grappling with self-doubt.

After accepting the lifetime achievement award at the Giffoni Film Fest in Italy, Aniston offered her thoughts on bullying in response to a young fan’s question. The actress basically explained that combating bullies takes a village.

“When you see a bully, you have to, in a group of you, take the bully down and not allow it,” she told fans. “You have to support each other in just eliminating that. People didn’t stick up to bullies enough.”

(*insert praise hands emoji*)

Clearly, we couldn’t agree more.

Aniston also made another key point that bullying doesn’t stop with adulthood, especially now that the internet and social media have granted bullies an anonymous platform to attack.

And now with the Internet, it is endless, and it is a bunch of anonymous bullies that can sort of be stalking,” she said. “We used to think that it was just in childhood that we would be bullied or made fun of. I was. I think many of us can say that we were. And it’s the worst feeling in the world. And now that we are grown up, the Internet is filled with them. And they’re cowardly, and they’re anonymous and they hide behind their computers, so it’s about not allowing it to penetrate and have again, put your computers down and have conversations.”

Perhaps one of the most heartfelt moment came when Aniston shed a few tears in response to a teen who asked if the actress struggled with not having a sense of self.

“There are not enough fingers and toes in this entire room to count how many times that moment has happened to me,” Aniston said through tears. “We’re all human beings at the end of the day, whether we’re a waitress or a baker or a student or whatever we are, at the end of the day you kind of hit walls and think I kind of can’t go any farther. Or this is too much. My heart can’t take it or the pain is too great, or am I good enough? Will I survive? And you just have to sort of somehow miraculously overcome. You just go, ‘I can’t, yes I can, yes you can.'”

She added of other celebrities, “There’s nothing that separates us from you, because we all started at the same place. We all came out of nowhere. Don’t punish yourself if you feel that. Go talk to people and seek help and always find something to inspire you.”

Whew, guys! Such heartfelt words should be bookmarked, saved in your phone or even printed out and tacked to your vision board. In a world where things like incessant bullying and social media affect self-esteem in such a negative manner, it’s essential that we maintain positive mantras and creative ways to boost self-confidence.

Jennifer Aniston is pretty much the greatest, now and always.