In case you haven’t heard, Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse hosted a women-only Wonder Woman screening, and fragile men all over the internet are losing their ever-loving minds over it. There have been a lot of excellent clapbacks and the backlash for this event, including one from Austin’s own mayor. While we have a few (hundred) words of our own we’d like to unleash on everybody complaining about this, we’re going to defer to Joss Whedon, who had our favorite clapback yet.

In addition to it being totally insane in general to get so up in arms about something so innocent as giving women — who are finally being given a female heroine for the first time in ages — a ladies-only space to celebrate, we love having the clear counterpoint Joss has given us here. There’s already been a men-only screening. We’re going to print that on a t-shirt so we can stop these conversations before they begin.

The Alamo Drafthouse has apologized for the screenings…or, rather, apologized for the inevitable end of the world that those upset about the screenings are acting like it will cause.

Keep the clapbacks coming, people. We’re here for it.