When thinking back to ’90s television, we can’t help but reminisce about — and sing along to the theme of — The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. While we figured he pretty much did the same thing, Will Smith said he hates early Fresh Prince episodes for one solid reason. And that reason, without a doubt, is going to make you want to do a first season rewatch.

Smith played — well — “Will Smith” in the show, which started airing back in 1990. The show was one of his first credited roles, which is important to know. Why? Because it explains why he’s been so fearful of watching the first few episodes of the sitcom. He discussed it further on The Graham Norton Show, which is set to air on Friday.

Hey, nothing wrong with being a little too dedicated — right?

Obviously the amateur moment meant nothing in the long run, as the show went on for six years and helped Smith land even bigger roles, like the Bad Boys film franchise and Men In Black.

Even though the show meant a lot to him, Smith doesn’t think it’ll make a comeback anytime soon.

He said that age was a big factor in not reprising the role. (Even though we’d think there’d be a way around it — we mean, who doesn’t want to see what the Fresh Prince is all about as a grown man?)

No matter what, we think Smith should be pretty proud of the fact that his first role made such a difference in our childhoods.