Alyssa Thorne
December 24, 2016 12:18 pm
Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

We all know that Will Smith has a great sense of humor. Apparently his keen comic timing spills over into even his dramatic roles, as we found out on his recent Graham Norton interview with Collateral Beauty co-star Naomie Harris. While shooting, Will Smith planned elaborate pranks on Naomie, and in the Graham Norton interview it looks like Naomie Harris made the fatal mistake of revealing her vulnerability to pranks to Will, and it was all downhill for her from there. On the bright side, it was definitely up from there for us, because now we get to hear about it.

You definitely want to check out the full interview, because it’s the BEST thing.

Definitely filing the dog jaw joke away to use on little cousins, nieces, nephews, or just annoying semi-relatives who stand way too close to us at holiday parties. We love that Will Smith seems to make set a more fun environment, and it says good things about his relationships with the people he works with, if he’s able to joke with them in this way.

Ngl, we’ve had a crush on Will Smith since Fresh Prince, so we love any confirmation that he’s as great in person as he seems on screen.

We’re also STILL laughing over the idea of a cut of Collateral Beauty without Naomie Harris. We can’t imagine how embarrassing and hilarious it would’ve been to do the red carpet rigamarole only to find out you were cut from the movie…but we’re sure Will is all too keen to remind her.