Karen Belz
Updated June 30, 2017 11:09 am

It seems like only yesterday he was part of the cast — but Will Ferrell left Saturday Night Live about fifteen years ago. After joining the cast in 1995, he stayed onboard until 2002. Just think about that — that’s a lot of sketches. While he couldn’t name his absolute favorite, Ferrell did name his least favorite sketch during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Have no fear — it’s not the Spartan cheerleaders, or the hot tub “lovers” sketch that he did with Rachel Dratch. Instead, it’s a sketch that in his words, “got zero laughs.” (Since it starred Ferrell, we find that hard to believe.)

It was a sketch that played off of Welcome Back, Kotter

We enjoy the fact that Ferrell didn’t really need a lot of time to think up the sketch that would get the honor of being called “least favorite.”

Sounds interesting. But the sketch was all about disappointment, which might be why it didn’t actually land.

From the sounds of it, the sketch was cut from the live show. Which is a shame, since we really, really want to see it now. Fingers crossed for a future DVD compilation called “The Best Of Will Ferrell: The Unseen Moments.”