Karen Belz
February 08, 2017 7:05 am

Want to truly personalize your project? Just involve your kids. At least, that’s what Will Arnett did for The Lego Batman Movie. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Arnett let it be known that his two sons, Archie and Abel, provided voices for the film. Co-parenting these two alongside actress Amy Poehler, it was kind of a given that Arnett would have no problem with letting his kids help out in a comedy movie.

The conversation started when Jimmy Kimmel said that he’d be willing to “adopt a little boy” just to be able to watch the film again without looking weird. “Adoptions may spike as a result of this film,” he said, noting that it truly was fantastic.

Arnett mentioned that his sons were also big fans, and found the end of the film to be quite moving.

And it was especially big, since technically, they’re in the film — they even attended the big premiere.

Arnett’s delivery is just perfect as he’s telling the full story.

Both of Arnett’s sons are still young — Archie was born in October of 2008, and Abel followed in August of 2010.

Arnett also told the story of how the experience caused Abel to brag a bit in school. Supposedly one of his closest friends is Idina Menzel’s son — and as you probably know, Menzel is known for being the voice of Elsa. So, once Menzel got word of Arnett’s big role, she had a few words with Arnett.

Pretty funny stuff.

The Lego Batman Movie will officially be released in the United States on February 10th, so you might want to grab your tickets now!