Karen Belz
Updated Jul 31, 2017 @ 5:29 pm

Even though she’s no longer our FLOTUS, we still love keeping up with Michelle Obama. And trust us — her social media is definitely worth following. Not only does she share photos from the campaigns and events she still attends, but she often shares family photos that warm our hearts.

The subject in Obama’s last photo isn’t husband Barack, or even children Sasha and Malia (though we love seeing those, too). Instead, she shared an old photograph of her mom, Marian Robinson, to wish her a happy 80th birthday.

Not only is it great to see Obama so young, but she truly looks exactly like her mother.

We’re so grateful that Obama decided to share this moment with her over 15 million followers. Over the years, she hasn’t been shy about noting how much her mother helped her become such a positive, motivational, and strong role model for women everywhere.

Through her account, we also get to see photos of her and her husband spending time with their little girls — who, these days, aren’t so little anymore. Sasha is currently 16, while older sister Malia is already 19. It’s kind of hard to believe.

We want to wish Michelle Obama’s mom a very happy birthday, and thank her so much for bringing such a wonderful influence into the world.